100 Days Handstand Journey

Join me as we take a journey into handstand for the next 100 days.

Who is this geared for?

  • Folks new to handstand
  • People with some handstand skills
  • Anyone looking to work on their handstands

How it’s going to work:

  • Follow the instructions below to follow along
  • Spend a few minutes each day with the drills/tips/work
  • Invite and tag a friend to join you
  • That’s it! Simple!

How to follow along:

  • Follow @crazyfiremonkey on Instagram to get daily dills and tips
  • Detailed info about each drill and tip will be posted to my “story” on IG
  • Daily summary post will be added to my “feed” on IG
  • I will save the last 5 stories to my highlights on my IG page
  • I’ll be posting a weekly blog post with youtube videos weekly (Sundays) summarizing the last weeks’ posts if you missed something


The point of this 100 days was for me to get back into my handstand practice which I fell out of. I started to invite other students and friends to join and has morphed into this. Creating content and posting take quite a bit of effort. Bare with me if the content is late or I don’t get to post. Also, I do not claim to be an expert at handstand, just sharing the knowledge that I’ve obtained over the past few years.

As always, if you any medical concerns or issues, please consult your PCP (Primary Care Physicians). Should you feel any sharp pain in any of the drills, stop immediately and contact a medical professional.


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